Intelligence, Surveillance,
and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Remote Sensing – Project Emerge
Fully Concealable, Small Form Factor, HF/VHF/UHF Direction Finding
Video AI and Surveillance
Remote Sensing – Project Emerge

Project Emerge - The art of bringing the hidden to the surface.

The Darkblade/TAA Team has assembled world-class commercial experts and technologies known as Project Emerge’, which are capable of finding and mapping underground structures using a combination of COTS data, software and proprietary filter processing.

Our Project Emerge’ multi-phase modeling system enables users to obtain precise 3D models of subsurface structures, tunnels, voids, and chambers down to depths approaching 6,000 feet using various types of data sources overlapped in a single platform.

Project Emerge’ outputs provide users with the ability to detect, locate, conduct analysis, and map subsurface terrain, tunnel systems, and structures. It can perform 3D virtual mission route and operations walk-through planning using immersion technology.

Project Emerge’ provides a whole country mapping of all subsurface structures and can include natural resources as well.

  • Our territorial mapping capabilities efficiently assess’ natural resource development potential within given regions.
  • Our approach, methodology, and maps can provide the 3D subterranean data strategic planners need to promote and control the environmentally sound and efficient development of available State natural resources.

Project Emerge’ represents a genuinely disruptive technology capable of providing a level of site planning, familiarity, and near real-time awareness previously unknown. Our team of experts and techniques are genuinely world class with proven past performance both commercially and militarily to include Afghanistan.

"Though the authorities have many sophisticated tools at their disposal — by 2014, it is projected that most of the border above ground will be monitored by sensor-equipped towers — most tunnels are uncovered through human intelligence. There is, as yet, no easy way to detect the tunnels below ground…"

Time Magazine



Fully Concealable, Small Form Factor, HF/VHF/UHF Direction Finding

Electrically Small, Lightweight HF/VHF/UHF Direction Finding Antennas and Processing
A newly developed class of direction finding equipment based on electrically small (<10% wavelength), lightweight (non-ferrous), vector-sensor antenna arrays and associated signal processing. The vector-sensor elements of the system are accurately modeled as dual port directional couplers in the air that maintain greater than 30 dB of forward/reverse directivity over an extremely wide bandwidth. Two ASI dual port sensor elements determine the 2D Line of Bearing (LOB), azimuthal angle, for vertically polarized wavefronts typical of push-to-talk radios with vertical antennas. Three ASI dual port sensor elements determine the 3D Angle of Arrival (AoA), azimuth and elevation, for arbitrarily polarized wavefronts.

• Accurate DF against HF, VHF and UHF emitters
• Fully concealable, zero signature
• On-The-Move (OTM) capability across operating bands, enabling operators to quickly walk down adversaries
• Single antenna all bands; no setup or reconfiguration from HF to UHF
• Continuous frequency operation for DF operation against cross-band repeaters
• Readily capable of vehicle borne operation
• Internet Protocol (IP) / RESTful Web Services for rapid integration with networked systems
• Works with any Android-based device, no additional equipment to carry

Video AI and Surveillance

The first ever autonomous video surveillance solution for the security industry. The Umbo system is a true artificial intelligence solution consisting of learning cameras, SmartCloud, and neural AI.

A self-learning artificial intelligence system designed to be placed into an environment where large amounts of data is present. With no advance programming, the system is designed to identify human characteristics within the field of view, to a high level of accuracy (98%). Does not matter if the human is standing, walking, a passenger in a vehicle. System can on its own distinguish between human and non-human.

This is achieved through the use of patented neurolinguistic and mathematical algorithmic programming. The Light AI system continues to grow and get smarter over time.

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